Care to tell us about yourself?
Born, raised and currently live in Chicago, IL. In short, I shoot video and photos for EDM artists and festivals whether it be covering a festival for a weekend or living on buses and planes while touring with artists.
What got you into documenting EDM?
I always had a passion for shooting and editing videos as well as music. When I started realizing that people were becoming more aware of electronic music scene mixed with the artists needs of updating social media with current content, I saw an opportunity to start creating content.
Who let Yoder get his start?
 I have to give credit to Carnage, he was one of the first artists that really allowed me to work outside of Chicago and take my passion on the road. 
Why primarily EDM music?
I would have to say that is mostly relates back to the interest in the music. Aside of that, the shows are typically unlike any other. Being able to capture the energy that these crowds give off is not only pretty cool but fun at the same time.
Do you have a job on the side?
I do not. Concert video and photography is a full time thing for me.
You do for a living what most people would only dream about. What advice would you give to someone looking to break into shooting music culture?
Start local. A lot of people message me or send emails asking how they can start touring the world with artists and it doesn't really work out like that. I started making videos for local artists in Chicago. That not only allowed me to network but allowed me to learn and create new things. From there I got a weekly gig at a reputable club in Chicago named Spybar. After doing videos for the club for a year and half I made connections and began creating content for a company named React Presents. React Presents owns several festivals and a handful of venues in Chicago. I began making and creating after movies for their festivals as well as recap videos for their nightclubs or larger venues. I was then crossing paths with artists on a weekly basis and some were returning to Chicago 2-3 times a year. That really allowed me to create content not only for React Presents but the artists themselves were reposting videos as well. In my case, I had made a couple videos of Carnage for React Presents but Carnages showed interest in the content I was creating which lead to touring. Once you begin touring with an artist you then find yourself on the road at venues or other festivals crossing paths with the majority of other artists that make up the industry. 
Aside of working your way up, I also believe that branding is an important part. Create a name for yourself that sticks out and make sure to put your name on every photo or video you create. 
On a day off, what might we find Chris Yoder doing?
Typically when I'm not filming or shooting you can more than likely find me at home editing. A lot of the video that is shot on the road or at a festival ends up being edited. A lot of time is spent on the post side of things putting all the content together. But if not editing, probably find me attempting to be doing something out doors. 
Favorite thing about music festivals?
My favorite thing about festivals would have to be the vibe. I feel like everyone not only attending the festival but playing the festival seems to be in a great mood. It seems to be an escape for many people attending and they always seem to have a great attitude. Also when traveling on the road its cool when you play a festival because no matter what state or country your in your typically crossing paths with other artists or management. So its cool to be in a different state or country taking in whatever it has to offer with some of the same people you cross paths with at other festivals. 
Top 3 favorite places you've visited? 
I'd say if I could list my top 3 places I've toured to I would say 
1.) Cape Town, South Africa.
2.) Ibiza, Spain
3.) Any where in Australia.
1.) Cape Town, South Africa: just has some of the most insane views to take in. We had an off day when playing Ultra South Africa in Cape Town and visited Table Mountain as well as a couple other scenic spots that were some of the coolest places I've ever seen. Plus the people were super nice.
2.) Ibiza, Spain: again we had a couple off days to take explore. Some of the clearest water I've seen with beautiful sunset / views. The people there seem to be educated on the music and the way people live out there is definitely something I never seen before.
3.) Australia: The vibe and people out there are just awesome. 
Lastly, how do you Live From Within?
Work hard and just try to live life to the fullest. Appreciate the little things, appreciate what you have, and push yourself to learn and try new things with whatever you may be pursing in life. 

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